This will be an "autobiography".
I'm writing it myself.
Hi . . . I'm Jeff!

I was born in
Ventura, California.
I haven't ALWAYS
been "musical",
This is me at four months old:

No instruments in sight . . .


On my third birthday,
something had changed!

Here I am with my first 'band'
"The Tide", with my sister
Joanne - the 'Go-Go Dancer',
brother Mike on Tambourine,
and our drummer, Uncle Jimmy.

I had already started
writing songs about
this time (six years old).

But, it's hard to make it as
a band when no-one actually
plays their instruments!
So, I went out on my own
and started taking lessons!

Nine Years Old
at "Ress Studios"

I kept writing songs, and
kept practicing . . .
studied music theory, and
around 1980 started
performing professionally.

Life changes all the time,
and I've changed,
like everyone else.

Sometimes when I look back
at pictures, I don't
recognize myself!


At the very beginning of 1995
I moved to Nashville,
I have always loved all kinds
of music, including Country,
and Nashville seemed like
where I needed to be.
After all, it's "Music City"
and the home of so much
I had started writing songs
in about 1967, so songwriting
is very important to me!

In the late nineties, I enjoyed
performing around Nashville
with my backing band,
The Big Dogs!

I enjoyed my 16 1/2 years
in Nashville! I was
even a sponsor of the
local Minor League
baseball team once
upon a time!

(Trying to get a hit
as a Nashville Sound!)


Along the way, I've had my
songs used in movies,
documentaries, and
played on radio.

I have also added more
instruments to my 'arsenal' . . .

I inherited my grandfather's
tenor banjo, and my
grandmother's accordion.

Added a mandolin in
the late 80's:

Somewhere along the way, I
bought a cheap fiddle:

My 50th Birthday gift was a Ukulele!

And yes, I have other instruments
that I don't use in live
performances . . .
including bass and drums.


In 2011, I "followed my wife",
and moved myself and my
business to Houston, Texas!
I've found lots of
performance opportunities in
Houston - it's a big
city, indeed!

After the tragedy of the
Covid-19 Pandemic made
in-person performances
impossible, I started
BlueClover.Live to
CONTINUE entertaining
some of my favorite people!

And I look forward to
many years of performing
live - even if remotely -
through BlueClover.Live

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