"Frequently Asked Questions"

This is where we hope to be
able to answer your questions,
technical or otherwise . . .

download the Zoom app
in order to watch
a Blueclover.Live show?

No. Although we use
the Zoom platform, when
you receive your registration
confirmation, you will
have an option to
"Join from your Browser".
The show experience from your
browser is "limited", but the
option is available for those
who cannot download,
install, or run applications.
If you CAN, we recommend
using the Zoom App, it is free,
and a quick and easy download!

(When you sign in for your first
show, if you don't already have
the Zoom app, you will be
directed to download
the app first.)

Is BlueClover.Live on
Social Media at all?

Well, you can find us
on Facebook both as
Blue Clover Records
at Facebook and
Jeffrey Scott Stewart Music,
here: Facebook
if you enjoy Social Media!

I don't have a microphone
or a camera . .. Can
I still see a show?

Yes, you can still register
and join us for a show,
even if YOU don't have a
microphone OR a camera.
It just means that WE won't
be able to see or hear you.
You will be able to type in
questions or "raise your hand"
(electronically speaking)
in most cases.
You can, of course, also have
one but not the other.
And, if you CHOOSE
to just watch, that's fine!

What if I don't WANT
to be seen or heard?

That's not a problem!
In fact, the default setting
is often 'muted' anyway.
Either way, YOU can choose
to leave yourself "Muted" and
your camera OFF,
if you like!

Can I sign-in/join
from multiple devices?

Yes, you can!
You can be signed in to
a BlueClover.Live show
on one computer, one
tablet, and one phone
at a time! If you sign
into an additional device
while logged into another
device of the same type,
you will be logged out
automatically on the
first device.

This gives you some
great flexibility.
Three screens, all for the
price of ONE SHOW!

Will I be recorded
during a show?

No! We do not record
our performances on
BlueClover.Live, nor do we
allow attendees to record.
To be clear, it would
be illegal for anyone
to record our shows.

What does it mean to "Mirror"?
or "Screen Mirror"?

To "Mirror" is to take a device
- desktop, laptop, tablet
or smartphone - and
duplicate its screen onto
another device.
Usually a TV (larger screen).

Do I have to Mirror
in order to watch
shows on BlueClover.live?

Absolutely not.
Mirroring is a good option
when in a large room
with a lot of people.

How do I "mirror" my laptop,
tablet, or desktop, to a
bigger screen - Wired?

How to Mirror - Wired

How do I "mirror" my phone,
laptop, tablet, or desktop,
to a bigger screen
- Wirelessly?

How to Mirror - Wirelessly

Where can I find
links to Register for
upcoming shows?

Our Calendar Page

Where can I see
which shows are coming
up next?

Also our Calendar Page

I'd like to see a
show, but there isn't
a show scheduled when I'd
like one scheduled, what
can I do?

Contact Us about a VIP
Private Performance!

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