Variety in Music
is our company motto!
So, we feature a wide
Assortment of Instruments,
and Diverse Musical Styles,
in a Vast Array of Shows!

Usually on recordings and
sometimes with live shows,
Jeff uses "pseudonyms"
or "band names" to indicate
focus on a particular style.

The motivation is to
help you know what style
of music to expect!

When performing or recording
as "Jeffrey Scott Stewart",
anything goes!


Look at our calendar to
see some of our shows that
are coming up soon.

You can always request a
VIP Private Performance
and make general requests.
Or even SPECIFIC requests!
(if it's possible, we'll deliver!)
Make Your Request!
for what you have in mind!


Performances typically
include some combination
of these instruments:
the human voice (of course!)
guitars (streel/nylon-string,
resonator, electric),
mandolin, tenor banjo,
accordion, violin,
ukulele, and harmonica.


If not indicated otherwise,
shows will be a mix
of musical styles.

Those will be listed as
"Jeffrey Scott Stewart"
and yes, just to drive
it home, ALL SHOWS will
be performed by Jeff.
Pseudonyms or band names
are used to indicate
a more focused musical style.
As indicated below:

On recordings,
"Jeffrey Scott Stewart" is
used for ballads, pop,
or mixed styles. Most live
performances will be mixed
and listed as
Jeffrey Scott Stewart.

"the Big Dogs" shows and
recordings feature
Rockabilly Music!

"Blue Marble Rockers" shows
and recordings feature Ska,
Reggae and "World" Music.

"Firefly Creek String Band", or
simply "Firefly Creek", is,
of course, an indication
of Folk, Bluegrass, or
"Old-Time" Music.

When you see an accordion,
you're probably about to hear
some music from
"Gator Moon"!
That name indicates
Zydeco and Cajun Music.

"Griffin" is all about
Rock music. USUALLY
just for recordings, and
not many of those.
Live shows? Hmmm ...

"Railtown" is all kinds
of Country Music.
Having lived in Nashville
for sixteen years, Jeff
has an appreciation for
country music.

"Sweet Willie Milton" is
used for blues music.
(Secret: Jeff's dad's name is
"William Milton Stewart Jr.")
Live or on recordings, if you
see, "Sweet Willie Milton",
you will hear some blues!

"Uncle Jeff" sings
Children's Songs.
Bring the Kiddo's!

When you want to hear
R&B or Soul Music,
listen for that "WispR"!

What would you expect
"Zipperlip" to represent?
Well, of course - Instrumental
Music! Both Zipperlip
specific jazz music, and
instrumental versions of
any of the others.
Don't hold your breath
(or zip your lip)
for a live instrumental only

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